Getting to know me…..

Areas of Interest

We touched on archaeology. I wanted to be an Egyptologist, but got sidetracked into daycare and delinquent sitting, and ended up looking for arrowheads in Colorado. Now that is the way to earn a living. The government paid me to hike around the forest looking for obsidian points, Anasazi pottery, old mining claims, log cabins. and such. I had to live in trailers and Ranger stations, partying in lookout towers, bathing in beaver ponds (very cold, but the cold water seals your hair shaft and makes it look really glossy), and getting clean in sweat lodges. I learned the cold water hair thing when I was digging on a Roman/Celtic site in Great Britain, and it has held true, lo these many years. Cold water rinses are good. Hot springs in the American southwest are even better, and being naked under the stars in a primitive hot spring is one of those major life experiences. This phase of my life rocked. Along the way I met Mr. graniagrace, so life was good. Life was very, very good.
Oh, an afterthought on partying in lookout towers. If you are a girl and drinking beer at the top of a 90 foot tower, eventually you will have to go down 90 feet of steps to pee in the bushes. Guys just whip it out at the top and let loose. As a girl, you wanna make sure you are a decent distance away in the bushes before you do any disrobing. Just a little hint.

I lured Mr. GG with bacon and cream cheese omelets and killer marinara sauce, and those 2 items figured prominently in his proposal. We got married. I had to work for a different federal agency, but I got to ride in helicopters and survive severe hypothermia when I got caught in a lightning storm on a mountain. Eventually we left the forest primeval and moved to Idaho so Mr. GG could go to grad school. I took some museum courses and worked for private consultants, recording prehistoric sites along the Snake River. I learned to use a ginormous gas powered post hole digger to take core samples. Loading that puppy in and out of a pickup was a pain. But I had great arms. Really toned. But then me and the husband, we got a student loan so we could buy an industrial size core digger thingy for his thesis project and and we thought maybe we’d like a baby, so we took out health insurance. In the fricking nick of time. I got pregnant about 2 days after the health insurance kicked in. In a hot spring. Smirk.

I did natural childbirth. Our junior archaeologist spent her formative years in pits and on Chinese mining sites. I had to quit field work. Daycare frowns on picking your daughter up late, because you were stuck in an Oregon Trail rut 80 miles away.

So I turned to Museum work. Whoa. Stuff. Lots and lots of interesting stuff. Shrunken heads, mining equipment, collectibles, kitsch, art, and Vintage Clothing. One of these days I’ll tell you how I found a velvet Fortuny robe wadded up on a storage shelf in a museum warehouse.

Or I might tell you about our emigre Hungarian Royalty neighbors. Or how we almost died in a blizzard in Holcomb, Kansas. Can you say “In Cold Blood”?

I love making stuff. Food, clothing, home decor, interesting life decisions, love. Making Mr. GG crazy – that’s something I excel at.

Then there are all the embroidered shirts I made for guys when I was a hippie. (Pre Mr. GG. Although I once embroidered and appliqued him a shirt with Smokey the Bear killing Woodsy Owl with a prehistoric spear). Well, as much of a hippie as a girl with 12 years of Catholic education under her belt can be. Each of those shirts is a tale of love and loss. Hmmm. Maybe lust and loss. Well, in a couple of cases, it was friendship and…. whatever.

I have a zillion books I think you should read. Not the Great Books – you can get books that have abstracts of great books, so you don’t ever have to read Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair”, or even any Shakespeare. Someone has already extracted the salient bits and condensed them for you. I’m going to tell you to read Elswyth Thane, or Laurie Colwin, or a romance series called “The Grail Keeper’s”, about a bunch of goddess worshipping gals who kick ass and take names. Okay, wandering off to one of our many bookshelves to browse. Later.


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