Chinwagging with Fuckwits

Mr. GG went on a detail to Australia last year, after they had those horrible fires, so that he could help assess damage to archaeological sites. He was gone for a month and everything that could go wrong on the domestic front, naturally, went wrong in his absence (more about that later).

For all my pain and suffering he brought me a box with a kangaroo painted on top. And some chocolates he picked up in the airport on the way home. But my absolute favorite thing he came back with, was the phrase “chin wagging with a fuckwit”. Apparently that’s what the government types in Australia say when they explain what they were doing with the guy in the next cubicle. Man, that is so beautifully succinct. So precise. I immediately grasped how this phrase could be applied to situations that occur almost daily in my life.

Naturally, I went overboard using the phrase, giggling like a maniac, and explaining the whole story to anybody who would listen. When I’m on a roll, my sense of appropriateness (already weakened by time and circumstance) vanishes. So a good many people who found the phrase (and me) in poor taste were forced to endure my version of wit and humor. Needless to say I managed to embarrass myself, Mr. GG, and several persons of the Mormon faith in the process.

Almost a year later, that expression has made it’s way into my permanent lexicon. But it needs wider exposure here in the states. So I am telling you guys, hoping you too, will use it, and maybe people will forget all the times I said it, and just assume it is a piece of current slang they haven’t come across yet. Help me out here. In fact, we could do that chain letter thing – you know, send this phrase to 10 people you know, and they can send it to 10 people they know, and, well you get the point. I bet RIGHT NOW, right this very minute, you can think of someone who fits the description of a fuckwit.

Thanks for your support.


One Response to “Chinwagging with Fuckwits”

  1. Laura C Says:

    I can find a use for this phrase at least daily! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

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