Noetics and The Secret

Mitochondria, Mind and Matter

I just finished reading Dan Brown’s new thriller “The Lost Symbol”. It was pretty good, especially the info on the relatively new science of Noetics. How come I didn’t know about this stuff? I mean formally. Like most of America, I read Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” when it came out – how to get what you want by imagining, or focusing on the desired outcome, until you make it happen. And somewhere in the stacks that litter this house, I have some books by Shakti Gawain about creative visualization. Dan’s book introduced me to the theory that human thoughts produce energy, have measurable mass, and can affect the material world. I am gonna have to track down his source for the bit where he says the focus of worldwide grief and empathy after 9/11 affected 37 Random Event Generators, and lessened the amount of chaos detected. I want to confirm that. Of course I don’t understand the science of this. I guess I have to take a leap of faith here – that souls can have weight and thoughts can influence the physical world. But isn’t that what most religions have been propounding since, well…. just about forever?

The whole subject intrigues me. I remember reading “The Clan of the Cave Bear” series and being fascinated by the idea of a cosmic consciousness or racial memory that could be accessed by individuals.

One of the things I’d really like to do is send some DNA to the DNA Ancestry Project. For a price, this program tracks your genetic heritage back for millennia. They can trace mitochondrial DNA to 7 female ancestors – for all modern people of European descent. These seven “clan mothers” were actual humans who lived and died, and they in turn shared a common maternal ancestor, the Mitochondrial Eve. I love the idea that some untapped part of my brain holds the essence of my foremothers – I could sure use any remnant wisdom kicking around, if I could just access it.

Anyway, I really appreciate this Noetics thing because you can take a scientific approach to it – you don’t have to get all woo-woo and burn incense, and sit at some old dudes’ knee in the lotus position and chant.

And if this stuff really works, it would explain why the Religious Right has such a chokehold on American politics – they pray, and their combined thoughts go out into the universe and affect our reality. How can the rest of us counter that? I mean I am reviewing bad jokes about how many liberals does it take to change a light bulb. I have no answer, because, there would have to be a fact finding study on whether the light bulb was ecologically responsible, etc. And what basic tenets could we find to agree on, much less manifest into existence? I was there for the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, and frankly, I think all that peace and love kinda fizzled out. I mean looking back, my only comment would be, “Big Whoop”. Of course, on the other hand, maybe that brief period of cosmic enlightenment laid the foundation for today’s interest in Noetics. Hmm. I’ll have to think about that.

Personally, I feel the same way about achieving group consciousness as I do about team sports. Nope, not for me. I am not a team player. I like to do stuff in the privacy of my own…. brain. I would get together with other people to manifest food for the Haitians, but not before sending a check to get the ball rolling. I am assuming the Universe helps those who help themselves.

You see, this is why I finish Dan Brown’s book and pick up some saga about ass-kicking vampire slayers. I can’t focus. But apparently there is a way to fix that. I just have to want it enough…. and send positive thoughts out into the universe. (Picture Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard saying, “Make it So”, in his deep, sexy voice). After I’m done reading about this tough chick in black leather saving the world, staking one vampire at a time, I will get right on that. Why don’t you give it a shot, too? And let me know how that works out for you.


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