Technology – True Confessions

Like many females of my generation, I am technology challenged. I would like to say it is because when I was growing up girls were not encouraged to study hard science and math, but the fact is, I am just not that interested in how mechanical and digital stuff works.

I love what you can do these days. I love my desktop computer and my iPod. Ask me how they work, though, and my basic assumption is that it is sorcery. I imagine primitive man gazing up at the sun and working sympathetic magic to get it to come up each day. That’s pretty much how I deal with technical stuff.

I may have been the last person on earth to get a cell phone. It is one of those pay-by-the-minutes-used jobs, and it is for emergencies. The one time I actually used it in an emergency, I had to call the Baby to find out what my number was, so the tow truck guys could call me back. Pretty humiliating. I don’t text. I won’t talk on the phone while driving. I don’t like to talk to other people on the phone while they are driving. And because I so rarely use my cell phone, I forget to charge it. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

Mr. GG has several remotes to work the TV, DVD, CD player and radio – he has made all of them interconnected, and it is extremely frustrating. I ‘ve seen those ads on TV for universal remotes, and ask why we can’t have one of those, but the answer always takes longer than my attention span, so I don’t know why we can’t have one. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I can turn the damn thing on. When Mr. GG was gone for a month, I wanted to watch a movie, but couldn’t figure out how to make everything work. I ended up taking pictures of the error messages on the TV with my digital camera and emailing them to the Baby so she could tell me what to do. I am adaptive. I can usually figure out something to do in any given situation, even if it makes other people laugh.

Some aspects of technology do fascinate me. I would love to have a laptop, because then I could get a really cool laptop bag to carry it around in. I love leather bags with pockets and compartments, and since they make special bags for laptops, and cells, and digital cameras, it seems like you ought to have some technology to justify buying a red Coach briefcase. I don’t like using laptops, though. I like my big clunky keyboard. However, now you can get laptops in great colors, so the idea has crossed my mind. (Yes that is trivial and incidental, but when I bought my car 16 years ago, one of the crucial selling points was that it had cup holders!).

I am probably the target audience for those gigantic cell phones you see advertised in the back of Sunday Supplement magazines. You know, the ones that look like they were made by Playskool, and have huge buttons? I betcha there is one of those in my future.

Part of me wants an iPhone. I don’t need one, I probably couldn’t use it, but those apps! There are really cool apps out there. Why, Mr. GG was just telling me about one that shows liquid draining from the screen while it produces gurgling and bubbling noises. However, I know people who have dropped their phones into toilets, and experienced authentic gurgling sounds. Some things are just too over the top for me.

I am not the only one with these kinds of problems. One of my dear friends is the same way. A few Christmases ago, her guy gave her a DVD player, and she got all cranky and frustrated trying to set it up. He listened to her grumble about it, gave her one of those patient man looks, and said, “Next time I’ll get you a fruit basket”. (BTW, next time he gave her a gorgeous opal ring he designed and had a jeweler make up. There is one brilliant man).

Luckily for me, a lot of the stuff I use is idiot proof. And those marketing geniuses play to my weaknesses. Give me something shiny and red, make it do tricks, and I’m there, cash in hand. Well, I would be, if I had the cash. Because I love the idea that I could operate things, if I really put my mind to it. I’m all about possibilities.

If you have anything to contribute to this subject, please email me. Because I forgot to charge the phone again.


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