Sunday Will Never Be The Same

Tiger Woods has really screwed up Sundays around here. After the hustle and bustle of a busy week, and Saturdays doing chores, Mr. GG really liked to sit in his chair and watch golf. By “watch golf”, I mean nap in his chair. Something about the hushed tones of the commentators, and the slow pace of the game, relaxed him like nothing else. A lot of times, I’d come in with my book, lie on the couch with a throw, and sink into that peaceful, easy feeling that comes from having nothing in particular to do, and being very comfortable not doing it. Ah, domestic harmony.

From time to time, I might glance up when it was Tiger’s turn to play, and contemplate that serious, intent expression, that cute little striped shirt, that supreme confidence. One might wonder what it would be like to have all that intensity, cuteness, and confidence focused on say, oneself.

Ewww. Not anymore. Who knew that choir boy was really a man ho? Yuck. I mean, really, it justs squicks me out. I find I am very disappointed in Tiger. And I am embarrassed to say I followed a lot of the story when the media was in their feeding frenzy. I generally don’t read People magazine (unless I am at the doctors office or getting the oil changed in my Subaru. Hey that reminds me – I hope Jiffy Lube put one of those reminder stickers on my windshield, so I will know exactly how many months I am overdue for an oil change. Hmm. Something else to put on the To Do List).

Anyway, Tiger was always one of the good guys. He looks all wholesome and he is a real success story. You could feel good about rooting for him, even if you don’t understand a thing about golf. He was an institution, for god’s sake. And now it is tainted, because I know way too much about his personal life. I know – nobody forced me to read all those lurid stories. Nobody forced me to look at pictures of all his party girls. When my mom used to comment about someone’s questionable choices, she’d say, “His taste is all in his mouth”. Well, Tiger’s taste was apparently all in his …. never mind.

So, I notice that Mr. GG has not been “watching golf” on the weekends. I am holding Tiger accountable for this. Since he is already in trouble for so many other things, I feel justified in adding this to his naughty list. I hope Tiger eventually works things out, and gets back in the (golf) game. Mr. GG needs his rest.


One Response to “Sunday Will Never Be The Same”

  1. jess Says:

    i can’t believe you said “man ho.”
    get your dirt here – this is the best celeb blog, it is even better than the months old Us Weeklys i send you.
    it will help you learn about quasi-famous people you’ve never heard of who are even more slutty and tacky (stacky?) than heidi montag!!!


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