Shaun White’s Hair

I positively lust after Shaun White’s hair. I have always wanted red curly hair. And I did have it a few times in my life, thanks to better living through chemistry and Clairol. But it is not the same as being naturally auburn and curly.

To a folically challenged person such as myself, Shaun’s head is the holy grail of hair. Do you suppose he has hair groupies? Would I be one? Cause I find myself wondering what kind of conditioner he uses. Of course, a little trim wouldn’t come amiss, Shaun. Maybe a bit of shaping or layering to control that floofy stuff at the ends. But still. I’d take his hair over mine in a heartbeat.

This is the way I watch the Olympics. I look at Shaun’s hair. I think Evan Lysacek’s 1940’s shoulder pads verge on the ridiculous. But I was rooting for him every triple lutz of the way, cause he worked so hard, and wanted the gold so badly. I think Lindsey Vonn looks like Calleigh on CSI Miami. I think that a lot of people should have more coaching before they are allowed to be interviewed about their feelings on winning or losing. I am sick of hearing the word “redemption” used in connection with their performances. I cringe for the skaters who stumble or the skiers who crash.

I wish those guy skaters would man up and get some livelier music to skate by… really, do we still need Scheherazade and weepy ballet stuff? I am sick of McDonald’s commercials. Thank god the Baby got us that Tivo thing, so we can skip commercials if we remember to record stuff. Oh well, everybody is a critic, so that is my 2 cents worth for today.


2 Responses to “Shaun White’s Hair”

  1. jess Says:

    People magazine asked him what his hair secret is and this is what he said: “My secret is an awesome new product – called water. It’s pretty curly on its own. I just use the hotel shampoo and conditioner and wash it every other day, because otherwise it gets huge. Two days of snowboarding in a helmet helps — it looks better dirtier.”

    boys. whatev!!!

  2. shewhosees Says:

    I’m a groupie too. And then it occurred to me that my son’s hair is the same way except it’s brown. And he got it from me when I was young…only now my thyroid has decided that I don’t really need thick lush hair in my mother goddess years.

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