Shopping for Mental Health

When I had the party last week I found a kindred spirit and I dragged her into my bedroom to show her the photo of the Callanish Stones hanging there. It is one of my most cherished possessions. A picture of standing stones in the Scottish moonlight. It occurs to me that others may love this as much as I do, so I am going to give you some links to things I really like.

Myths and Legends has the most gorgeous photos of Celtic sites, castles, Irish countryside – the Callanish Stones speak to me, and the photo in the moonlight is, well… see for yourself.

The Isabella Catalog is geared towards the thoughtful woman who lives a modern yet spiritually oriented life. Which means you can find really cool books and CDs, expensive skincare, meaningful, pretty jewelry, and things to make life generally more pleasant. One thing that intrigues me is a little amulet from Julian of Norwich, patron saint of cats, who said “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”. I haven’t bought it, but I find it is a useful saying when I generally tend to say ‘This too, shall pass”.

When you are dealing with the ghastly effects of aging, or wondering if those movie stars who coat themselves in Creme de la Mer are buying the fountain of youth, I highly recommend getting on the Essential Day Spa site and finding out what works for REAL women. The forums are addicting, and they name names, give honest opinions and even have an excellent, excellent forum on making your own skin care items. You probably don’t want to look at this site while you are at work, because you will get sucked in, and get caught by the boss, so wait till you are home and can devote some time to it.

Once you get sucked into the whole formulating your own skin care thing, or just want stuff with safe ingredients, you are gonna want to go to Garden of Wisdom to order finished products, or the components to make your own stuff. I highly recommend their hyaluronic acid that is already mixed up for you – it comes in a bunch of scents and varieties – and is a primo moisturizing tool. Currently I am using spearmint, but the pink grapefruit smells yummy, too. And put seamollient into everything… your shampoo, your conditioner, on your face. That stuff rocks.

If you garden, well, let me qualify that, if you are into flower gardening and love the heritage flowers, the old fragrant ones, you need to know about Select Seeds. I spend hours dreaming over this catalog, making lists that start at outrageous until I pare them down to realistic. This is the only place I can find white heliotrope, which is also known as “cherry pie plant”. I can not survive summer without pots of heliotrope on my patio. And they have Brugmansia plants. Check them out. Start thinking about billowy borders of nasturtiums, patches of evening scented stock, fragrant sweet peas, and your day will get much better.

While you are out enjoying your yard this summer, why don’t you hang some paper lanterns around? I have masses of these dangling from the scrub oak in my yard, and it looks like a fairyland of colorful floating spheres. It is worth it to get the battery operated lights to dangle inside them. If you don’t want to spend that much, Joann’s fabrics usually sells the same kind of lanterns with built in light bulbs and an on/off switch. They are always on sale at the end of the season. I have lots of these. I didn’t like the flying pigs on some, so I got out my Elmer’s Glue and a bunch of colored tissue paper and covered up the ugly stuff with cut out leaves and flowers. And sometimes you can get these at your local “Big Lots”. But if you are feeling flush, try Luna Bazaar.

There. I just gave you links to some of my favorite stuff in the world. Fragrant plants, pampering body stuff, ways to make your nest more “you” (I guess, if your “you” is kind of like mine). Oh well, you know what I mean. I could make a real case for looking at catalogs as a kind of meditation – seeing what you want at any given time, gives you a key to what is occupying your thoughts, and lets you focus on what is missing. That doesn’t mean you get to go out and buy all this stuff. It just means you use your current interests to take a mental snapshot of where you are, and see if it fits with where you want to be. Did that make sense? I can usually justify doing anything I want to do, so I may not be the most trustworthy source on shopping. But if you do nothing else today, go look at the Callanish Stones. It will make both of us feel better.

p.s. if the links don’t work, you are gonna have to cut and paste. I told you I was technology challenged.


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