Sole Food

Whenever Mr. GG is out of town, my life takes on a whole different rhythm. For one thing, I don’t cook much. I indulge in girl food, which for me is usually huge chef salads, fondue made in the microwave, bread and things with greek olives and feta, or whatever I damn well feel like eating. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. GG eats all that stuff, too, it is just that making it for one seems different and indulgent. Cause I eat whenever I feel like it, not when he arrives home with his stories and his appetite. I also read non-stop, with no guilt. Usually the first thing on my agenda when he leaves is a trip to the bookstore, where I load up on magazines and trash. A stop at the grocery for a new bag of clementines and some artisan bread, to replenish the tonic water supply (I like it straight), and some fresh cut alstroemeria or whatever flowers are in the discount bin. Then I come home and divvy up flowers into lots of little vintage bottles and vases and put them in every room. That makes me feel good.

I redo my “To Do” lists, which usually are so inclusive that the seven labors of Hercules pale in comparison. For the last year, “recover the love seat” has made the list, and I have gotten as far as buying 8 yards of upholstery fabric. But I no longer love the gray green fabric – I bought it as a foil for the rusty floral I covered the couch with, and it just seems bland and boring now. Besides it will show cat hair more. Maybe if I bought a different fabric (like the one covered in little concentric rings of color), I’d be more interested in sewing. While Mr. GG is gone is a good time to do stuff like this, cause I can tear apart the love seat, put the sewing machine on the big kitchen table, and leave my staple gun and fabric out while I work on this project.

On the other hand, I found a new Karres book by Eric Flint, and a bunch of home magazines, and the snow has melted enough to expose the grape hyacinths around the yard, and maybe I should go clear the leaves away from them. Dilemmas. Nice ones. I only have to please myself. Well. That and gather all the Tax info, because it is that time of year. Okay that goes on the list, along with purge closet, and clean car. And write back to those car salesman who are persecuting me by phone and email.

And surf the internet. Zappos calls me. And, and 6 p.m., and In spring, a woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of footwear. I found a pair of Camper heels on one site for only $22.00!!!!! I love Camper shoes, especially Camper Twins – each pair is made to look similar, but not exactly the same. I let myself dream over some leather Icon sneakers with Van Gogh’s Iris printed on the leather, but luckily they don’t have any in my size, as they are way too expensive. Now that it is changing seasons, I stop looking at boots, and check out leather sandals and clogs. While I am surfing, I check purses too. Then I check out shoes for the Baby, but she is really picky, and hates to spend money on good shoes, so that is just an exercise in futility. Still, it would be nice to surprise her with a box from Zappos. And she could always return it……. Hmmm. It is always best to consult her first. Okay, back to stuff for me.

I have a gift certificate to Amazon, but I can’t decide whether to get the book on vintage enamel jewelry, the one on recreating vintage hairstyles, or a book on the Glasgow School of Art embroidery and textiles. Several of my favorite fiction authors are coming out with new books in the next few months (Linda Howard, Charlaine Harris, J. R. Ward, Tara Janzen), but I can’t pre-order. I am so not into delayed gratification. It is hard enough to wait for Amazon to send me stuff they have in stock. But if I order a bunch of used paperbacks from other sellers, they would get here sooner. But then I would spend most of the gift certificate in postage charges.

All these non-essential things to think about can occupy me for most of Mr. GG’s absence. I let my brain have a vacation. I make stuff. I play Spider Solitaire. I plan a new perennial bed for the front entry. I look at seed catalogs. I go through my closet and put stuff in the Give Away box. I schedule a shot for the cat. I plan a trip to the Salt Lake Library and get on the internet and reserve a ton of books.

I can, and do, these exact things when Mr. GG is home. I don’t know why it feels different when he is gone. It just does. I am always happy when he comes home. But I don’t mind when he is traveling. I take really long baths. Oh, yeah. I need to get the epsom salts and make some more scented bath stuff. Maybe I will put food color in this batch to turn it ocean color.

See, I am sort of temporarily living single, with all the comfort and stability of being married to my True Love shoring me up emotionally. Sometimes life is practically perfect.


One Response to “Sole Food”

  1. shewhosees Says:

    Yes, Yes and yes…. Me time is so rare when there’s loved ones in the house. So when I know everyone is going to be gone I jump on the list making. Projects (like you say) that don’t have to be put away or banished to the garage or basement. Somehow they get done faster because of that very factor. Love Zappos, but have to buy Merrell’s because of the bunions, oh joy. Yet there’s nothing like a great pair of shoes.

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