Love is In the Air

31 years ago yesterday, Mr. GG and I stood in a small, light filled chapel on the edge of a mesa in Durango, Colorado and got married. It was a beautiful spring day. Cherry trees were blooming outside the floor to ceiling windows and we stood up in front of a small group of our family and friends while Greensleeves played, and we exchanged vows we had written ourselves. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what we said in those vows (hey, it’s been 31 years, and a few other things have been on my mind since then). I am sure we promised to be faithful and honest and to stick together, and weather whatever might come in the future. And so we have.

I wore a cream voile Gunne Sax dress that cost about $83.00 and flowers in my hair, and Mr. GG wore the suit he had purchased for his sister’s wedding a couple of years before. One of our friends was in charge of taking pictures, and we all went to the historic Strater Hotel and had a wedding brunch. The wedding cake lady screwed up, and put some ugly little cherubs on the cake, but other than that, things went swell. A lot of people showed up, including some friends of Mr. GG’s, who came in overalls and t-shirts. Well, they lived in a tipi, out in the woods, but still….. After the wedding brunch, a bunch of Mr. GG’s cousins and relatives came to our rental house behind the bar, and helped him change out the gas tank in my little blue TR250A convertible, because that was the car we were taking on the honeymoon. Then all the younger folk went out to the photographer/friends ranch and had a couple of kegs, and 18 giant pizza’s I went downtown to pick up, and we partied the night away. I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all.

On our honeymoon, Mr. GG took me to Idaho and we went to Dismal Swamp with friends of his – and their 2 kids, and 2 large dogs, and they fed us cold turkeyburger sandwiches with ketchup. I found a pay phone, called my best friend and cried. It was the turkeyburger that did it… really gross. But after that we went to Paradise Hot Springs (it was), and Flaming Gorge park (where the little convertible broke down in a spring snowstorm). Oh yeah, and we’d had a small electrical fire in the car at Newspaper Rock in Utah, but hey, life is an adventure, right?

We returned home and went back to work, being seasonal employees for the Forest Service. We spent the money we got for wedding presents on a 35 mm camera, a Brunton Compass, an oak dresser and the honeymoon.

Yesterday, Mr. GG surprised me by taking the day off work, so we drove up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, a spot we had visited on our honeymoon. They no longer have the little private rooms with pools, but we soaked in the large pools, and then we went on a scenic drive to Ft. Hall, and we also drove by the Pocatello house we used to live in 27 years ago – boy was it small.

We reflected on things a bit – after all, we have been together over half of our lifetimes. But mostly we just did what we always do – talked, laughed, noticed our surroundings and enjoyed being together in a low key way. I swear to god, it has been our ability to laugh at ourselves that has held us together for 31 years. That, and Mr. GG’s optimism, which nicely compliments my more nervous and anxious nature. Oh yeah – and we love each other. That love has changed, evolved, mutated and morphed over the years, but it is always there. I guess you can’t promise to “be” in love forever, cause that feeling comes and goes, but you can promise to be there, to “be” loving, and to talk and hug through the hard times. We did, we do, and we will. And 31 years down the road? Marrying Mr. GG was the smartest thing I ever did.


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