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Sleep Tight?

September 10, 2010

We are about to go on another cross-country road trip. You know the kind where you drive to the east coast and back, staying in motels? Yep, in the middle of this country’s biggest bedbug infestation ever. That is all the news, newspapers and NPR seem to talk about lately. In fact one of Mr. GG’s co-workers actually got bitten by bedbugs in Island Park, Idaho. (So not going there. Ever). Apparently it was very, very ugly.

So, in the midst of trying to figure out what the weather is going to be like in Chicago, Boston and Pennsylvania, I am brooding about bedbugs.

This is NOT a bedbug. This is a cootie.

I know when I was a kid and people said, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”, I pictured something like one of the insects from my aunt’s vintage Cootie game. As I have learned from watching news, bedbugs are more of a tick/spider looking combo.

However I have much more pleasant thoughts to distract me. Cause we are gonna see The Baby!!!. The Baby moved to Chicago, making a major life change, taking a chance, moving in with her BBFF (best Boy friend forever), leaving the old boyfriend and a broken-ish heart in Boston. She is already a zillion times happier, and has a whole cast of characters in her new life that I have to learn.

The Baby in Chicago

This is good for me, cause during the last week or two in Boston, she called me daily (or twice daily) to be sad and angsty. Now she is happy, and for the first time ever, I had to lay a guilt trip on her, because I want to hear the HAPPY STUFF. She owes me some happy stuff! I want to hear about Lake Michigan, and midwest food, and her new apartment and her Scrabble playing friends.

My first love lived in Chicago. So while I was procrastinating doing some nasty cleaning task last week, I Googled him. (Come on, you know you have, or want to google old boyfriends). When I knew him, he was a 6’5″ poet, with black hair, ivory skin sprinkled with freckles, and gorgeous green eyes.

Turns out he still lives in Chicago. I’m thinking I should have left him in my memory, because now I know he is an accountant. How do you turn a poet into an accountant? Oh, wait. I guess life happened to him. Apparently he does write poetry about the Cubs and the White Sox, though.

Huh. Gotta take time out for these little divertisements, in my heavy schedule of making strange food and going to the gym. It is still tomato season here in Utah, and the little currant tomatos I am harvesting are truly excellent.

Look how many currant tomatos you can fit in a tablespoon. These little guys taste amazing!

Next year I will plant even more.

Oh yeah, the gym. I had my first training session with this tiny little action figure who is built like a brick…. Nevermind. She is beautiful and muscle-y in an extremely feminine way. She was really nice, too, so I couldn’t hate her on general principle. EVEN THOUGH HER NAME IS BITTY! When we talk about injustice in the world, I am going to include having a petite trainer who has long curly hair, an engaging smile, REALLY white teeth, a hard body, and is named Bitty. Thanks to Bitty, I now know how to adjust the seats and business ends of a lot of weight training machines so I can do circuit training. It boggles the mind.

Mr. GG says we need to get a new cooler for our upcoming roadtrip. To keep our baby carrots, hummus and cottage cheese fresh, so we won’t be tempted to eat greasy road trip food. I gotta wonder where my REAL husband went, but then I remember the heart attack, and am intensely grateful to have a LIVE husband, so all this food and fitness stuff is really okay. But I am taking my iPod in case the sound of someone crunching baby carrots in the car for 2000 miles makes me a little testy.