Keepin’ the Faith

I got religion! On a recent roadtrip Mr. GG and I happened to be driving through the Hudson River Valley in New York. We took a small detour to find a riverside park to walk in (Mr. GG is serious about his fitness regimen now. Walks every morning).
Anyway we drove by this church, and I realized I had found my spiritual kindred.

You see, sleeping is one of my most favorite things. I devote as much time as I can to it. To do it properly, especially at this time of year, I need The Company Store down comforters, and flannel sheets. But I need a comforter all year round, even in summer. I like to be covered up when I sleep. Luckily, they make light weight ones, so I can wallow in softness any time of year.

And it is not just me. The cats are very invested in our bedding. They prefer flannel sheets to all else, but also like quilts, down comforters, and any clothing Mr. GG has inadvertently left on the bed.

Here is Furbutt lounging on Mr. GG’s side of the bed. Leaving a thick felted layer of fur on the pillow. I will hear about this later, I am sure.

I think I will print out the sign above, frame it, and put it over our bed. Perhaps I should designate our bed (which Mr. GG brought back from an Amish Colony in the Midwest for our 20th anniversary), as the “Flannel Chapel” or the “Chapel of High Thread Count”. While I am not exactly a new convert, since it is fall, and the nights are longer and chillier, I do expect to spend a good bit of time at my devotions.


One Response to “Keepin’ the Faith”

  1. asassyvic Says:

    Keep up the great work gal.

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