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You Say You Want a Revolution….

January 13, 2011

Well, allright, we all wanna change the world. Well. Sort of. It is a new year. Things could stand some improvements.

I had a sodden December, I never got up to speed on Christmas, or resolutions, or reflecting. Last year gave me a lot to process, and I got bogged down in minutiae. I barely made it till midnight on New Years eve…. instead of my beloved Veuve Cliquot, Mr. GG bought us some kind of sparkling wine he’d read about, and I didn’t make a pile of fat-filled appetizers (husband had heart attack 5 months ago, remember?). We drank the bubbly and 10 minutes before the ball dropped in Times Square, I gave up and went and had a hot bath in a tub filled with rose scented bath salts.

Since then, I’ve been plugging along. Every year for the past umpteen, I make a collage in January. It is sort of an inspiration board of stuff I want to happen in the new year. In the past it has been a big 1930’s green poster board on which I glue inspirational phrases, and pictures of people doing yoga, and things I want to happen, and pictures of places that make me happy – beaches and forests, and starry skies and such. This year I bought a different poster board – filled with blue skies and clouds, and covered most of it with …. uh, inspirational phrases, pictures of people doing yoga and swimming, palm trees and people in hammocks, with a corner devoted to an organized shelf and a bunch of clearing, housecleaning, and simplifying stuff. There’s a center portion that sort of focuses on creating a sanctuary, with celtic motifs, meditating stuff, green arts and crafts vases, globes, Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass and sparkly blue and green things. The phrases that I cut out tend toward the idea of transformation – motion, energy, small changes making big impacts, kind of a “get your butt in gear and DO something” charge to myself.

We’ll see. I always put the collage in my bedroom, by my closet, where I will see it every day, and hopefully act (either consciously or sub) on the themes. They say visualization is the key to transformation. I notice that I stop noticing the collage by about the third week in February every year. Kinda the same time you stop exercising or going to the gym, when you make those annual fitness resolutions.

After Mr. GG’s heart attack, I no longer want big, splashy, dramatic stuff to happen. I want to have comforting, reassuring, domestically serene stuff continue. I want more of the calm, happy stuff, and less of the cluttered, irritating stuff. I figure this translates into house clearing, decluttering, simplifying, cutting down on things that have to be dusted, moved, considered or cared for. I also figure this means I have to continue going to the health club with Mr. GG, even though I only puddle around in the pool, while he burns 500 calories a night on the elliptical. I’m talking the year of Maintenance. Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative. Don’t sweat the small stuff. (Note to self: Identify and get rid of the small stuff). Frankly, it makes me tired just contemplating it. It makes me want to re-read all my Jennifer Crusie and Linda Howard books. Oooh. I guess I should clean out the bookshelves with trash romances, mysteries and Sci-fi while I am in there looking for comforting reads. And if I could find all the zillions of books I have on organizing, clutter control, housekeeping, Feng Shui, and space clearing, maybe I’ll get rid of those. Obviously they aren’t working, if I can’t even locate them.

All the January magazines are running articles about “New Year, New You”. I guess this year I am aiming for, “New Year, Moderately Improved You”. That seems way more doable. Guess we’ll see how that works out. Oh yeah, Happy 2011.