Sanity. A choice?

Yesterday I drove 40 some miles to get the oil changed in my Outback. This is not as stupid as it sounds – my car is not a year old yet, and I am still doing the warranty thing. There is a Subaru dealer in this town, but I went there once, years ago, right after we moved here, to have them fix a seatbelt and change the oil. After paying an arm and most of a leg, I tried to drive out of the service department and my steering was gone. Just gone. I barely got the wheel muscled around enough to get back to the parts department where they discovered that someone had removed and not replaced, a cotter pin. I was not a happy camper. I think maybe I raised a fist and said something like, “As God is mah witness, Ah will never bring mah car heah again”. Well, I meant to say that. I probably just gave ole Benny the stinkeye, and hmmphed.

So. Driving to Salt Lake to get my oil changed also provided me with an opportunity to check out the Nordstorm Rack. Where I found a $120.00 Natori black lace and sheer night gown for $12.73. Seriously hot. Flattering. And on Major Sale. Does it get any better than that? I think not.

Except then I spent a lovely time in one of America’s most gorgeous libraries, getting a new supply of stuff to read. I found a reproduction of Sears Christmas WishBooks from the 1950s and 1960s with girl’s toys. Wow. I had forgotten I had a plastic bathinette for the baby doll who wet her diapers (thinking back, I wonder why that was such a desirable toy?). You had to drain the water into a plastic tube into a pail or pan. I also had a toy washing machine that really worked, and a toy oven that really baked. I remember making my Dad a tiny little round cake with the optional Aunt Jemima cake mix, and covering it with a sickly blue frosting. Later the oven was used in our clubhouse to prepare some cuisine that involved earthworms. Eeew. Not going there. The WishBooks had lots of Dale Evans and Roy Rodgers costumes for kids all through the 1950s. With holsters! I used to LOVE cap guns. You could buy rolls of caps at Woolworths or Kresge’s downtown. My brother and I found out you could crank out a lot more explosions by unwinding a foot or so and pounding the caps with a hammer. Oh, those halcyon days of yore. I found out the doll crib and carriage I had as a munchkin cost less than 3 bucks each. And you could get a whole Blue Willow tea set for $1.89. And teenagers in the 60s could buy tapes for their really cool tape players (with a selection of Herb Alpert, the Beatles, Dean Martin and Herman’s Hermits), for their parties.

While perusing the stacks I got another round of books on clutter control. I am trying to motivate myself into purging stuff this year, by reading every book I can on the subject. By now, I could probably teach a graduate course on the reasons we hold on to things, and the emotional, physical and financial cost of clinging to stuff. I could make any number of reasonable suggestions for dealing with clutter of any ilk. However I can’t seem to get started on actually DOING it. So you know what I’m gonna do next, don’t ya? (Please don’t imagine I am going to get off my butt and just wade in….no, no, not Moi). I will go back to the library next week and get some books on motivation. Bwaaahahahaha.

I also got some books on underwear – sewing lingerie, selecting lingerie, collecting lingerie, and a seriously gorgeous coffee table book from the Victoria and Albert Museum with some of the choicest pieces in their collections. It made me want to go to the fabric store and buy silky and slinky material to smock and pintuck, and to master French seams. It made me wonder where I put all my John Kloss nightgowns from the 70s. I thought about deconstructing my favorite DKNY steel gray knit gown, since it is too ratty to wear, but I love it…. I could find some flimsy green stretch knit and see about reproducing it…. I can waste a lot of time on pursuits like these.

I get on these kicks, and read everything I can get my hands on about something, and then I move on. Consequently I know a lot about a bunch of esoteric subjects, which you think would make me a killer Scrabble player, but, no, I have no patience for games.

However, I usually pick up twenty of so books from the library every trip, and I tend to start reading some fiction right away, so I get distracted, and avoid the fabric store, which is good, because then I would have a bunch of material for yet another project clogging my house, which would depress me, and then I would have to go get another book on organizing, depression, or life coaching, and there I am right back where we started.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I figure I am still sane, cause I don’t expect different results. I just like thinking about different results, and I do have a very rich fantasy life. So all is well, and I still have lots of books to read this weekend. Life is good.


One Response to “Sanity. A choice?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hey! Hope you and the Mr are doing well? Loved the GWTW ref – here in ATL they are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the making of the movie with a lecture series at the Margaret Mitchell House – I’m going to one on the 16th.
    Also if you really want some declutter motivation (and if you can stomach it) I recommend watching an episode or two of “Hoarders” on either A&E, TLC, or Discovery (prob online too — worked 4 me -‘serious aversion therapy!

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