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Solstice and Chantix

June 21, 2011

If I was a practicing anything, in the religious sense, I would probably be a Druid. Therefore this would be a major holiday for me. Today is the SUMMER SOLSTICE. The longest day and shortest night of the year. It crept up on me this week, and I didn’t realize it until today when I was Googling a chain of things that somehow started with the illegitimate children of Prince Albert of Monaco. (He has 2, by the way. They changed the laws a while back so neither of these 2 kids can inherit the title. Lese majeste, in the flesh). Anyway, I won’t go into the chain of events that got me from the balding, playboy Albert to the realization that it is the Solstice. It would be like trying to describe the tortuous, baroque, epic all-nighter dreams I’ve been having due to Chantix, an anti-smoking drug. Which works, by the way. I bet the Oracle of Delphi, and some of those visionary Druid priestesses took Chantix. And probably Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey gave it a whirl. It is a very tiring drug, since you spend all night watching these movies in your brain, and you wake up tired. But you don’t wake up wanting a cigarette, which is the point. I have found it is best not to remember the dreams, since they drag up sludge from the very bottom of my unconscious, and whisk it around with daily events and current relationships. Kinda like taking core samples from ocean sediments and giving them a good stir into calmer waters. Interesting results, but a killer to interpret.
I will give some thought to summer today, even though it has been rainy and cool, and the tomatoes and eggplant I put out are stunted and shivering. It sure doesn’t feel like summer. It’s more like…. April. But, as a cousin of mine is wont to say, “It is what it is”. So I guess I will go deal with today’s realities, and be glad when I actually do get some summer. Anyway, I hope your day doesn’t drag on, and that you enjoy what there is of a shorter night.