If a Tree Falls in the Forest….

So, Mr. GG is out of town and missed Valentine’s Day.  That’s okay, cause we will have our customary meal with Coeur a la Crème when he gets back.  I was kind of dismayed that he would be gone this week, because I had a hair appointment.  I reminded him of this.

“So?”, he says.

“Well remember last time, when I got it cut in all those layers, and it was kind of red and fluffy?”

He gives me the “what are we talking about, REALLY” look.

“It was cute”, I tell him.

“Oh yeah.  The back was kind of duck’s ass-y”

“Duck sassy”, I correct, “yeah, it was really cute.  So if you are gone, and I come home all cute, and you’re not here to notice, will I be cute, or will it be like the tree that falls in the forest, and nobody hears it?”

Mr. GG could patent the patient husband look.  He’s got it down to an art.  But he isn’t much on existential questions.

“Even if I’m not here, you’ll still be cute?”.  He tries to make that a statement, but I hear the question, like he’s not exactly sure which answer is gonna make me happy.

“I will be fricking adorable.  And you won’t be here to appreciate it”.  I try to make this sound a little pouty, because really, I am just messing with him, and he knows it.

I can see him running all this through the spouse filter, the gears are turning in his brain, and then things click into place.  “Take a picture”, he says.  “Email me”. 

Well, that wasn’t really satisfying, and it reminded him to pack his camera for the trip, so then he went off to look for the battery charger, and the whole conversation got dropped.  Until he was packing his suitcase and I wandered by and said darkly, “Frickin’ adorable”.  He laughed and kept packing.

So here I am, back home with all these fluffy layers, nice, rich color, and enough product to hold everything in place for today.  By tomorrow my hair will be back to it’s normal, floppy self.  So I am gonna go take a picture.  Because I look?  Totally fricking adorable.


3 Responses to “If a Tree Falls in the Forest….”

  1. bicyclebuiltforone Says:

    you are a dork.

  2. jillo Says:

    …but you are a totally frickin’ adorable dork.

  3. kk Says:


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