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Catching Up

March 26, 2012

Yesterday I had to teach Mr. GG that classic childhood poem: “Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is?” He’d never heard it. Makes you wonder what kind of education they get in those fancy New England prep schools, doesn’t it?


Since it has been so balmy, and I am in a good mood, I got up this morning and made up an impromptu little cheer for my beloved, that involved him going to work to battle Forest Service monsters, so I could stay home and goof off. It featured the words, slay, play and YAY!. He was so moved, that he gave me THE LOOK, and said, “Yeah, you are the only one for me”. I think he meant that in a good way. At least, he said he might be home for lunch. He also quizzed me on the origins of one of my favorite expressions, “What fresh hell is this?” which I managed to work into his cheer. It is from Dorothy Parker, the mistress of snark, and I tried to explain the Algonquin Club, and New York humor in the 20s and 30s, but he equated Algonquin with Chautauqua, and I just didn’t have the energy to elucidate. I was still on my first coffee. Besides, he started telling me technical stuff and I zoned out.

We made an amazing discovery last week. It was Godiva Salted Caramel candy bars. This is not a discovery our physicians would laud, since these things are addictive and rich beyond belief. It was pure accident that we wandered down the candy aisle in Rite Aid and found them for 2 for $5.00. I have since learned the regular price is about $4.00 a bar. It was not an accident that Mr. GG returned to Rite Aid and purchased more this past weekend. Luckily he has been walking to work and I have been going to the pool, but I am pretty sure we would have to enter Triathlons on a weekly basis to offset the effects of Godiva bars.

The baby invited me to join Pinterest, which is addicting… it is a virtual, visual bulletin board that you “pin” things too. Anything you want. I got motivated when I found out Anne McCaffery died last November. I had no idea. I loved her books. I have them all until she let her son start writing them with her. What is up with that? Clive Cussler is doing the same thing with his son, and I’m here to tell you that the writing gene is not an automatic given for these offspring. No indeed. Anyway I had to pin an Ann McCaffery book up, and then I had to add a couple more of my faves, and then I started fooling around on the internet until I got tired, so I had to play some Spider Solitaire to transition me into bedtime, and whoops, there went another Sunday evening.

Actually there went another week. It felt like late May around here, and my diurnal rhythms are screwed up, but it doesn’t matter cause I have Mr. GG out working so I can putter around. Life is amazingly good. Maybe I’ll go make up another cheer.



March 9, 2012

I sent the tax stuff to the accountant this week. This is an epic event for me, akin to getting all the Christmas packages off in early December. OMG, it took forever to gather all the tax info. I started last year with a cool folder to hold all the charity donations, and miscellaneous stuff I thought ought to be deductible. I mean, we replaced 3 furnaces and 2 air conditioners last summer. We pretty much had to, since they no longer make parts to repair the 48 year old appliances we had. And we had to replace them all at once, because if we didn’t and one broke later, it would cost a gazillion times more to install it in the HVAC plant we call the furnace room. Unfortunately I did not file all the energy efficiency info in one place. I put it in a file of “to be filed” stuff that I put in another file, and that file got moved to a box, and so on. And so forth.

Same thing happened with all the medical info and prescription receipts. And all the records from Blue Cross about reimbursement. I put all that stuff in a file, too. Well, about 3 files. And then I found some prescription records in the bathroom drawer because Mr. GG forgot to give them to me.

Do I have to tell you what kind of resolutions I make at this time of year? If only I recorded every medical and dental visit in a little notebook, at the time of treatment, this stuff would be a breeze. Of course usually if I go to the doctor it is with a sinus infection, and I return with a fistful of antibiotics and enough mucus to produce visual effects for “The Giant Slug Who Ate Utah”, and I am in no mood to record anything.

Checking into all last years’ records isn’t totally awful. There is the form from the casino. On a trip to Idaho, we stopped at a reservation casino and I accidentally hit the Max Bet button instead of the Respin button and won 1900 dollars. That was really fun. I was watching all these dragons shinny up and down the screen and the geezer next to me told me I won a lot, and we got into a little spat over whether I won $190.00 (me) or $1900.00 (him). I was thrilled that he was more on top of things than I was – it took a really long time for all the dragons to wiggle their way to almost 2000 dollars. Anyway, I bought a stove and some kitchen stuff and gave a lot of the money away.

After that, I saved casino information (cause we always lose, that 1900 bucks was an aberration) so I have a notebook with reminders of a couple of cross country trips we made last fall. I kept records of what casinos we went to. And that reminds me I don’t ever need to go back to Amarillo, but Quapaw, Oklahoma was really pretty.

But that is all incidental at this point. The taxes are out of my hands. I am free, I tell you, FREE! More than a month ahead of time. Life is good.