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April 7, 2013

This morning two pairs of robins went into a mating frenzy in my oak trees.  There were lots of fluttering and rustling noises, along with a variety of chirps, which immediately drew the cats to the area.  I wasn’t sure what watching bird porn was gonna do to the cats’ little minds.  Until I realized they were hoping for a snuff film instead, that ended in blood and gore and a mouthful of feathers.  Ah the optimism of Spring, at last.


Mr. Mittens creeps up on robins


Sam goes for sublety, lurking from a prime pouncing spot


I was feeling perky too, cause things started blooming last week.  Little things.  Stuff you have to bend close to the ground to see.  So I spent some time clearing last years leaves (hey, I call it mulch, which excuses me from fall clean up.  At least in my mind).


Here are some cyclamen and primrose and forget-me-nots.


   Purple helebore and


white hellebore (lenten rose)

Along the edge of my rock wall, a gargoyle nestles in next to some tulips and white grape hyacinths.  Later, a ribbon of dwarf iris will surround him.


???????????????????????I have no idea what this ferny stuff is.  I sort of recollect tossing a handfull of Amni seeds in this area several years ago.  Whatever it is, it has white Queen Anne’s Lace like flowers, grows pretty tall and spreads like nobody’s business.




Guess what?  If you don’t take your cement bird bath into the garage before it gets covered with 3 feet of snow, the edge crumbles off.  Live and learn.


In the throes of cleaning up, I dragged a bunch of pots out, to renovate the soil, and plan what to fill them with this spring.  I have even more big pots still in the garage.  As I mentioned, this year I indulged in a 3 tier grow light, so I could start my own seeds.  Right now, I have currant tomatoes, nicotiana, heliotrope, four o’clocks, stock and basil up and growing.  Mr.  GG wouldn’t let me  keep the grow light in the kitchen, so it is residing in my laundry room.  I have the lights on a timer.  And you can see part of my collection of 1930s laundry bags and clothespin holders.




The cats and I are really jazzed.  Outdoors is fun again.  Especially since they discovered and scarfed up all the little catnip sprouts.  Hurray for Spring!